Current Status: 


I use a queue/slot system in order to ensure that artwork is produced within a reasonable timeframe for those waiting. Slots are per person. Multiple commission types can be requested, but I reserve the right to limit how many can be requested at one time, in order to minimize the wait for others. I do not currently use a waiting list; if you are interested in a commission and slots are full, keep checking this page, or follow my DeviantArt or Tumblr accounts for updates.



Commission Types

Sketch - Full Body, $20 USD - Portrait/Bust, $10 USD

  • Sketches are cleaned up, loosely toned, but otherwise unfinished artwork of a single character, either as a portrait or full body. Sketches are done digitally, and do not include an approval stage.

Sketch Examples:

Icons/Busts - $30 USD

  • Icons are square pieces of artwork primarily for use in websites with profile pictures or avatars. Price includes a 100x100 icon (or other requested size) and a full-size piece of artwork (on average, 700x700). Price includes one character, usually from the chest up, with a basic color/gradient background. Please indicate whether or not you'd like a name included.
  • Icons include a sketch approval stage.
  • Extras:
    • +$5 USD for accessories such as pets
    • +$10 USD for an additional character
    • Linking icons (1400x700 artwork that splits into two separate icons) are available for $55 USD

Icon Examples:

Colored Pose - $45 USD

  • Colored poses are full-body artwork of a single character with flat colors and "cel" shading. Poses can either be against a transparent or flat color background.
  • Colored poses include a sketch approval stage. 

Colored Pose Examples:

Illustration: $75+ USD

  • An illustration is a more elaborate or refined artwork of a single character. Price depends on the following factors:
    • Bust or full-body
    • Simple background or complex scene
    • Soft shading with lines, or lineless
    • Additional characters 
    • Complicated detail
  • Please contact for more information and an accurate quote

Illustration Examples:

For additional commission types and samples, please visit my commission gallery.

General Information

Payment Information:

  • I only accept payment online through PayPal. I do not accept any form of trade or exchange, and I do not accept any form of artificial currency (such as DeviantArt points). 
  • Please wait for me to send an invoice before sending payment. Please read over the invoice carefully to make sure all details are correct and that you accept the terms of service.
  • I will only start on a commission after payment is received. For illustrations, I will accept half of the payment up front and half upon completion.
  • Do not sent payments as gifts or personal payments. It is against PayPal's terms of service for me to accept gift payments. It would also make it difficult for me to give a refund, if necessary.

Tips for Clients:

  • Please be timely with your communications. The easier it is for me to get a hold of you, the faster I can get started on your commission as well as get to others' commissions. Please only give me an e-mail address you regularly check. 
  • Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. However, please do not badger me for information about your artwork. If you are curious about the status of your commission, please check the queue above. Turnaround time varies, and sometimes life gets in the way. I will let you know if for any reason I think there will be a delay, or if I am unable to complete it and need to issue a refund.
  • Please provide as much information as you can about your request, without literally sending me novels or pieces of novels. Please do not ask me to "be creative" and leave the details up to me. If you have something specific in mind, please tell me all about it! I work faster off of specific information than vague descriptions or photo references alone. I create each artwork to be unique and want the artwork to reflect the personality of the character as you see them. 

What I Will Not Draw:

  • I will not draw the following:
    • Sexual situations or fetishes
    • Excessive violence or gore
  • I reserve the right to reject a commission if I find myself uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Terms of Service

Please read over the following terms of service carefully. I reserve the right to refuse commissions or refunds for any reason if these terms are violated.


  • All commission types other than sketches include a sketch approval phase unless otherwise declined. This is done to ensure that the artwork being completed is satisfactory to the client. Prices also include one round of minor corrections (i.e. color fixes) once a commission is completed.
  • Corrections:
    • I reserve the right to charge an extra amount not exceeding the original price of the artwork if changes are requested that are extensive enough to require redrawing or refinishing large portions of the artwork after completion. If the client refuses, I have the right to walk away from the commission as-is.
    • Client has a period of two (2) weeks from date of completion of commission (the date I send off the artwork to the client) to request corrections. If after that time I do not receive a request for corrections, I will assume the commission is completed and no further corrections will be made.
  • Though I will work on a first-come, first-serve basis, I reserve the right to move around a list. If a client is slow to respond or orders a large amount of artworks, I reserve the right to work on artwork for other clients in order to be fair to this waiting.
  • Please be timely about communication through e-mail. Please provide me with an address you regularly check. Do not request a commission if you plan on taking a trip or will otherwise be cut off from communication. Unpaid commissions with sluggish communication may be dropped.
  • Client has a period of one (1) week from the date the invoice is sent to return payment. Unpaid commissions will be dropped.
  • All commissions are done digitally and do not come with prints or original paper artwork. High-resolution PSDs of artwork are available upon request.

Refund Policy:

  • If for any reason I believe I will not be able to finish a commission due to unavoidable reasons (a wait in excess of 3 months, poor health, emergencies, etc.), I will refund the full price of the commission.
  • If a client decides he or she no longer wants the commission for any reason, I will provide a full refund if the commission has not been started, and a partial refund for any additional stages. I cannot provide refunds for commissions in any stage of color or finish due to a fault that is not my own. 
  • Money sent for commissions is not spent until the commission is marked complete.


  • Artist (Krystina Haggerty) retains copyright of the artwork. As such, I can edit, make copies, or publish the artwork. I will not resell the rights to the artwork for commercial gain or permit the use of the artwork for commercial use by a third party. I will not repurpose the artwork for other clients. I will not claim the depicted character(s) is/are my own.
  • Commissions are considered for personal use only. Under no condition can commissioned artwork be used for commercial products or services.
  • Client reserves the right to make personal copies. Copies cannot be resold. 
  • Artwork cannot be attributed to the client. 
  • If client chooses to publish the artwork online, please include a credit to the artist (Krystina Haggerty) for the artwork with a link to my website. Please do not publish or post artwork without permission. Uploading to file storage (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) is acceptable. Please contact me with any questions or concerns about publishing the artwork.
  • Artwork may be minimally edited to crop or resize the image. Artwork may not be edited to remove or add signatures or copyright information. Artwork may not be edited or imitated with the intention of selling similar artwork.


Contact Information

Interested in a commission? If my status is open and slots are available, please contact me using the form below. Please include as much information as you can about your commission. If you have artwork or other reference of your characters, please include them as links. Or, email me at krystinahaggerty [at] Thank you!

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